From our 2 Feb 2017 Visit to Ingleside Nursing Home.

Photo by John Berryman

Saturday Coffee / Breakfast at Spring Garden

Our usual waitress Ardita (pictured) takes good care of us and often takes pictures of us.

Pictures from our annual picnic and flag retirement ceremony on 8 August 2017

Photos by John Berryman

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Commander's Corner

Veterans Day Observation

11 November 2016 at Ingleside

We shared the special day with fellow veterans and others who are living there.

Veterans, residents and staff all had a great time.

Karen Helgeson honored us all by singing (God Bless America)

Master of Ceremonies Jim Wendt

Photos by John Berryman

I’m asking for help from the entire community.  Our Mount Horeb American Legion has been around for nearly 100 years.  Over those 100 years we’ve been involved in our community, supported our Veterans in the community, and throughout the state and country, supported our youth and families in the area, honored Veterans at their funerals, supported our schools, etc…
We’re celebrating our 100th year, our National Headquarters was formed on 15 March 1919 and our local Post here in Mount Horeb received its Charter on the 23rd of October, 1919.  If you have pictures of the Color Guard marching down Main Street during the Frolic Parade or Legion Members honoring Veterans at funerals please contact us at or call us at 437-0113. 
As we prepare for a celebration and a presentation about our local Legion we have some information.  However, we know there are community members that could help us put together so much more.  Some of you had family members that were members of the Mount Horeb American Legion that could share stories about their experiences, others may have stories of how Legion Members touched their lives.  We know that hundreds of students have gone to Badger Boys and Girls State with the help of the Legion and the Auxiliary.
We know who our first Commander was, and who our Post is named after, but there are so many other things we don’t know.  For instance, our National organization has included women from our inception.  Does anyone know who the first woman to serve in our Mount Horeb American Legion? Anyone have a picture of Otto Gesme our first Mount Horeb American Legion Commander?  Does anyone have a picture of Legion gatherings over the years? 
Over the next month we are conducting what our National Commander is calling a “Buddy Check”, we are attempting to reach out to Veterans in our community, whether they’re Legion Members or not to see how they’re doing.  Please help us contact Veterans, call or email us (at the contact info listed above) to have us contact a loved one, or a friend that served our great nation.

Laura Mason & Lisa Shields

Photo by John Berryman

Dedicated to the residents of Mount Horeb

Please join us at Norsk on the 10th of August for our Golf Outing sponsored by Hearts and Hands

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Saturday Coffee / Breakfast 28 Jan 2017 at Schubert's

Post Commander Jerry Hook saying goodbye to

Don Bell, who moved out of state. 12 Jan 2017

Mr Hook (one of our WWII Veterans)  wearing his new hat

Photo by John Berryman

3 July 2017 Visit to Ingleside

Photos by John Berryman

Brandon Lutz 08 Sept 2016

Photo by John Berryman

We remember and visit our vets who can't get out

Post Commander Jerry Hook with his daughter Melanie (AF Veteran) and father, Lorne (Navy Veteran) at an American Legion Breakfast

Photo by John Berryman

​​Upcoming Events

23 MAY - Dane County Council Meeting

24 MAY - Flag Installation Cemeteries​

27 MAY – Flag Holiday – Install flags
27 MAY – Memorial Day MHHS 10 AM

27 MAY - Memorial Day Program Ingleside
28 MAY – 3rd District DEC Meeting – Richland Center Am. Lgn – 7:15 PM
30 MAY – Dane County Council Meeting – Cross Plains Am. Lgn – 7:15 PM
6-9 JUNE – MH Summer Frolic

9 JUNE - MH Frolic Parade
23 JUN – Veterans BBQ at the VFW

Veterans Day 11 November 2016

At the Mount Horeb High School

Photos by John Berryman

Tall Paul  :-)

17 March,2018 photo by John Berryman

To donate to the Mount Horeb Veterans Memorial click on the link -

Veterans Day Ceremony at MHHS

​11 November 2016

Commander Jerry Hook

Sick Call

Ralph Buechner, Ray Cunneen, Lawrence Hefty, Jim Quall, Don Hartman, Gary Friske

March 03, 2018 Coffee at Spring Garden - 23 attended

photos by John Berryman

  Mount Horeb American Legion

photo by John Berryman

Frank E. Malone Post 113

Ralph Buechner

(one of our WWII Veterans)

Thank you for your service Ralph!