Veterans Day Ceremony at MHHS

​11 November 2016

Commander Jerry Hook

Paul Hodgson

Honor Guard Commander

Ralph Buechner

(one of our WWII Veterans)

Thank you for your service Ralph!

3 July 2017 Visit to Ingleside

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Brandon Lutz 08 Sept 2016

From our 2 Feb 2017 Visit to Ingleside Nursing Home.

Dedicated to the residents of Mount Horeb

We remember and visit our vets who can't get out

Veterans Day 11 November 2016

At the Mount Horeb High School

Photos by John Berryman

Saturday Coffee / Breakfast 28 Jan 2017 at Schubert's

Post Commander Jerry Hook with his daughter and father at an American Legion Breakfast

Post Commander Jerry Hook saying goodbye to

Don Bell, who moved out of state. 12 Jan 2017

Upcoming Events

​OCT 19 - Color Guard MHHS Soccer Playoff Game

​OCT 20 - Color Guard MHHS Football Playoff Game

​OCT 25 - Mount Horeb Community Foundation Presentation

OCT 26 - Dane County Legion Meeting

​OCT 28 - Operation Stand Down

NOV 10 - Veterans Day Programs HS 10 AM Ingleside 2:15 PM

​NOV 11 - Veterans Day Program - Library Veterans Panel

Saturday Coffee / Breakfast at Spring Garden

Our usual waitress Ardita (pictured) takes good care of us and often takes pictures of us.

Pictures from our annual picnic and flag retirement ceremony on 8 August 2017

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Commander's Corner

Veterans Day Observation

11 November 2016 at Ingleside

We shared the special day with fellow veterans and others who are living there.

Veterans, residents and staff all had a great time.

Karen Helgeson honored us all by singing (God Bless America)

Master of Ceremonies Jim Wendt

Photos by John Berryman

Flag Holiday Thank You Commander's Corner:  We have been so blessed in our community.  We would like to thank the residents and businesses in Mount Horeb and Blue Mounds.  This year the Flag Holiday Program volunteers from the Mount Horeb Gymnastics Club, the Mount Horeb Wrestling Club and the Mount Horeb American Legion placed American Flags in front of homes and businesses in Mount Horeb and Blue Mounds for Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day.  By Labor Day we were placing 358 flags. 

What a great show of patriotism from our small communities.  We will continue to grow the program next year, and we would love to continue to paint these communities Red, White and blue.  We want to thank everyone who purchased a subscription to have a Flag displayed for the holidays, as well as, everyone that gave up time on their holidays to put them out.  We would also like to thank Glaciers Edge – Thrivent Financial Strategy Team, Kelly, Roger and Erin Deterding for bringing this program to our community.  Without everyone’s help this program would not be as successful.

One hundred percent of the proceeds stay here in Mount Horeb.  The three organizations involved split the proceeds based on participation in the different aspects of the program. 

Your Mount Horeb American Legion is here to serve our great community.  We are also charged with caring for our Veterans so if you know of a Veteran in our community in need please let us attempt to assist them.

Laura Mason & Lisa Shields

Frank E. Malone Post 113

  Mount Horeb American Legion