Mount Horeb American Legion

From our 2 Feb 2017 Visit to Ingleside Nursing Home.

We remember and visit our vets who can't get out

Veterans Day 11 November 2016

At the Mount Horeb High School

Photos by John Berryman

Saturday Coffee / Breakfast 28 Jan 2017 at Schubert's

Post Commander Jerry Hook with his daughter and father at an American Legion Breakfast

Post Commander Jerry Hook saying goodbye to

Don Bell, who moved out of state. 12 Jan 2017

Saturday Coffee / Breakfast at Spring Garden

Our usual waitress Ardita (pictured) takes good care of us and often takes pictures of us.

Pictures from our annual picnic and flag retirement ceremony on 8 August 2017

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Commander's Corner

Veterans Day Observation

11 November 2016 at Ingleside

We shared the special day with fellow veterans and others who are living there.

Veterans, residents and staff all had a great time.

Karen Helgeson honored us all by singing (God Bless America)

Master of Ceremonies Jim Wendt

Photos by John Berryman

Veterans Day Thank You Commander's Corner:   If you missed any of the Veterans Day Programs you can watch them online on the Trollway TV website (thank you Brian Hugill for recording them).  The week was so busy that it almost seemed like we moved from one event to another.
On Tuesday, November 7th our Veteran Community lost a friend, a comrade, a brother in arms, Richard Lornson died at Meriter Hospital after a brief battle with cancer.  Richard was a Vietnam Veteran who retired from the Army.  He was the Chaplain for the Mount Horeb American Legion, and belonged to both the  Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter IV and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9511.
We held meetings of the Executive Committee Tuesday night and talked about how important it is to gather and support each other while we are here on this earth.  Life is to short not to assist each other.  Richard was the type of person that would help anyone that was in need.  On Thursday we gathered as a Legion Post for our monthly member meeting.   We talked about each of the Veterans Day Programs.
The Veterans Day Program at the High School was Friday morning.  There are so many people to thank.  We want to thank the High School for hosting the Veterans Day Program every year.  Thank you to Malik Winston and Ethan Post for recording the program.  We are grateful to the music program, the music they play adds so much to the ceremonies.  We are so fortunate to have so much talent in this community.  We are also fortunate to have teachers at every level that get and keep students excited about music.  Lisa Vining gave an excellent speech and once again we had a tremendous turnout from the entire  Community.
Friday afternoon we had an opportunity to honor the Veterans at Ingleside.  There are 15 Veterans at Ingleside and Inglewood.  Jim Wendt planned and led an excellent ceremony for the Veterans.  On Saturday we continued the Veterans Day Programs with a Veterans Panel Discussion at the Mount Horeb Public Library.   Thank you to panel members Joe Williams, Jim Mavis, Wilbert Hefty and Ralph Buechner.  Each Veteran served in different places at different times, some served during conflict, some during peacetime.  It’s easy to spot Veterans when we are in uniform or wearing American Legion, VFW, hats, or clothing but many times we pass Veterans in the street but until we get to know someone we would never know that they served our Great Country.  Thank you to all those who served our great Country. 

Laura Mason & Lisa Shields

Frank E. Malone Post 113

Ralph Buechner

(one of our WWII Veterans)

Thank you for your service Ralph!

Brandon Lutz 08 Sept 2016

Dedicated to the residents of Mount Horeb

Upcoming Events

DEC 4 6 PM Executive Committee Meeting
DEC 7 – 7:15 PM Dane County Legion Council Meeting
DEC 14 - 6 PM Legion Family December Gathering

DEC 22 – 5 PM Visit Ingleside and Inglewood


Veterans Day Ceremony at MHHS

​11 November 2016

Commander Jerry Hook

Paul Hodgson

Honor Guard Commander

3 July 2017 Visit to Ingleside

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