Ralph Buechner

(one of our WWII Veterans)

Thank you for your service Ralph!

3 July 2017 Visit to Ingleside

Photos by John Berryman

Brandon Lutz 08 Sept 2016

Photo by John Berryman

From our 2 Feb 2017 Visit to Ingleside Nursing Home.

Photo by John Berryman

Dedicated to the residents of Mount Horeb

We remember and visit our vets who can't get out

Veterans Day 11 November 2016

At the Mount Horeb High School

Photos by John Berryman

Saturday Coffee / Breakfast 28 Jan 2017 at Schubert's

Tall Paul  :-)

17 March,2018 photo by John Berryman

Post Commander Jerry Hook with his daughter Melanie (AF Veteran) and father, Lorne (Navy Veteran) at an American Legion Breakfast

Photo by John Berryman

Post Commander Jerry Hook saying goodbye to

Don Bell, who moved out of state. 12 Jan 2017

Mr Hook (one of our WWII Veterans)  wearing his new hat

Photo by John Berryman

​​Upcoming Events

29 JAN – 3rd District Executive Committee Meeting – Barneveld 6:30

5 FEB – Executive Committee Meeting – 6:00 PM

8 FEB – Visit to Ingelside and Inglewood 5 PM

14 FEB – Member Meeting 6:30

16 FEB – 3rd District Holiday Party Verona Meeting 11:30, Lunch at 1PM

22 FEB – Historium, Brainstorming 100th Birthday of the MH American Legion 4 PM

Saturday Coffee / Breakfast at Spring Garden

Our usual waitress Ardita (pictured) takes good care of us and often takes pictures of us.

Pictures from our annual picnic and flag retirement ceremony on 8 August 2017

Photos by John Berryman

If you wish to download the pictures please click here.

Commander's Corner

Veterans Day Observation

11 November 2016 at Ingleside

We shared the special day with fellow veterans and others who are living there.

Veterans, residents and staff all had a great time.

Karen Helgeson honored us all by singing (God Bless America)

Master of Ceremonies Jim Wendt

Photos by John Berryman

Our community is so supportive, we come together and help others.  On Thursday 24 January the Mount Horeb Boys Basketball Team held a Garding Against Cancer night.  Like most in this community our Veterans have been personally affected, some of them surviving cancer, others who have lost loved ones and friends to cancer.  We were happy and proud to be able to support the Basketball Teams efforts by donating $500 from the Mount Horeb American Legion and $250 from the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9511.  We were very honored to present the Colors for the National Anthem, the Joint Color Guard from the Mount Horeb American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9511, and the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter IV consisted of Joe Williams, Paul Hodgson, Mike Jennings, Don Hartman, Gary Friske, Scott Klassy, Brandon Lutz, Jim Laufenberg, and Tom Pedretti.
Coach Todd Nesheim and your team, thank you for your leadership and willingness to hold these events that help raise money for a cause that is so near and dear to so many of us.  I know it takes a lot of people to make this event as successful as it is, so thank you to everyone that assisted this year and, or in previous years.
On their website Garding Against Cancer talks about some of the impacts the foundation has had: First, funds from Garding Against Cancer allowed the Core to purchase a new microscope that is much more sensitive and will allow them to conduct new types of studies.  Second, funds have allowed doctors to utilize better methods to determine chemotherapy, as well as, other medicinal treatments for cancer.  Third, Garding Against Cancer has given funding to a team of doctors working on a vaccine for cancer.  You can find out more at gardingagainstcancer.org
 I am asking all Veterans to consider joining the Mount Horeb American Legion, and or the VFW, the Vietnam Veterans of America to help us serve our community, our Veterans, and the Youth and Families of this community.  If you know of a Veteran in need please contact us and allow us to attempt to assist in any way we can. 

Laura Mason & Lisa Shields

Photo by John Berryman

Frank E. Malone Post 113

photo by John Berryman

To donate to the Mount Horeb Veterans Memorial click on the link - http://mhvma.org/

Veterans Day Ceremony at MHHS

​11 November 2016

Commander Jerry Hook

Sick Call

Ralph Buechner, Al Bendickson, Ray Cunneen, Lawrence Hefty, Marshall Ruegger, Ed Straus

March 03, 2018 Coffee at Spring Garden - 23 attended

photos by John Berryman

  Mount Horeb American Legion